Communikasi Media’s core business lies within helping market brands within townships. As Communikasi Media we prefer to partner up with your brand with regards to implementing, executing and providing the best solution possible to maximize your brands exposure.

Wall Mural Advertising

We have several available Wall spaces for Wall Mural advertising located in strategic high traffic areas within the Townships. We assist companies by targeting high traffic areas that are within taxi, bus routes or close to shopping centers and schools thus creating huge awareness for their brands.

Spaza Shop Branding

We are able to assist with store branding, signage and distribution of Point of sale (POS) material and installation. We have more than 10000 stores (formal & informal) in our database. This is great place to market or launch any FMCG products.


We have access to several billboard spaces throughout the country. We can customize your package to fit your requirements.

Taxi Branding

A moving billboard with constant exposure within the townships and suburbs.

Mobile Billboards

A great and efficient way of marketing a message in hard to reach areas or otherwise where there is no access to conventional billboards. We have packages from 1 day to 30 day rentals.

Media Tower

A new and innovative way off advertising brands. The power tower is a tall and impactful structure that advertises your product across 1 to 3 towers which are proportionately placed to for increased maximum exposure for consumers passing by. Talk to us about your needs.

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