Township advertising is our core business. Our goal is to understand your brands needs and to customize your brand to gain optimum reach


Brand positioning, and total Value Proposition as well as Brand Engagement are all important in selecting the correct platform for your campaign.


We coordinate and insure the highest quality product is produced.
Communikasi Media’s core business lies within helping market brands within townships. As Communikasi Media we prefer to partner up with your brand with regards to implementing, executing and providing the best solution possible to maximize your brands exposure.
WHO we are

The name Communikasi is derived from South African street slang. It has a dual meaning. “Kasi” – which is a word, used in the South African township means “an area occupied by an African black majority“, much like a ghetto. Communikasi or “Kommunikasie” is also the direct translation of the word communication in the South African language of “Afrikaans“. The word is also deeply entrenched in local township slang.

Communikasi Media is an out-of-home Media Company based in Johannesburg, South Africa that started operating in 2012. We are a certified B-BBEE Level 1 contributor. Our company comprises of a team of experienced individuals with knowledge in advertising, marketing and designing. As part of our initiative we employ people from previously disadvantaged communities.

WHAT we do
Why choose us?
Knowledge of township trends is a key element in reaching core target markets. We have spent time researching as well as negotiating areas and locations which afford the best visibility for any brand trying to communicate a message within the township. We use current statistical research such as the number of daily commute rs, number of taxis on the road etc. We also conduct and provide services for research for FMCG products

Access to unlock a wide range of quality sites nationally that are within high traffic zones and within busy taxi and bus routes. Wall murals unlock a new world of “Alternative Media” that appeal to much more than the conventional above the line advertising.

Slang or expression in the townships is an important part in redefining the way we communicate messages efficiently. Communikasi Media is able to advise clients based on our exposure to the local language as well as our experience living and working within the townships.

Improving Communities is a major part of all our projects. We employ and supervise people within the respective communities to assist our teams in rolling out client campaigns. For example we also build residential walls for the purpose of wall mural advertising in areas where there may be a great location for advertising but the owner may not have a brick wall in place. A monthly revenue percentage from campaigns is also shared with the respective wall owners, which affords families to earn extra income throughout the duration of a campaign.
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